Aviation Management Degree: Your ticket to everywhere

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If you want to travel the world you have to strongly consider a career in aviation. But, before you can start reaping the handsome rewards you have to go to college first. There are many courses you can opt to take. You may not have heard of it, but how about considering an aviation management degree? Here’s an overview of what to expect.

An aviation management degree gets you places

Graduating with a degree in aviation management can be rewarding in many aspects. And that’s not just in the handsome remuneration and benefits that await the degree holder. There are many possible routes to take since the scope of the program generally includes flight and non-flight careers in the aviation industry. With your diploma in hand you can apply to any of the following job markets: as air transportation, air commerce, aircraft sales, and aircraft insurance.

More than one possibility

Many colleges in the country offer a BS Aviation Management degree program. After completion of the program the student is also the holder of a commercial pilot certificate. This certification from the FAA even includes instrument and multi-engine ratings. Other flight schools offer a BA in Aviation Management. This degree paves the way mainly for management and operation jobs within the aviation industry. Some schools offer diploma studies such as executive degree programs that focus primarily on aviation business. You may choose from among these and many other aviation management degree curricula. Established flight schools provide a detailed course description and syllabus on their websites.

Look for world-class facilities

You have to decide whether you will enter a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts Aviation Management Degree. There are major differences and it pays to know what those are. Once you’ve arrived at a decision, it’s time to choose an aviation college. There are so many schools to choose from. You may not even have to look beyond state borders. And you just might have a reputable flight school within your own county.

You won’t get the level of professional training provided by FAA-approved aviation schools anywhere else, so better make FAA approval number one in your list. Here’s the rest of the checklist items that you’d want refer to while looking for a college to enroll in:

  • Fully-equipped classrooms and laboratories (with simulators)
  • Impressive, top-of-the-line, and well maintained fleet of aircraft
  • Strong research and development department
  • Established network aviation companies (for internships)
  • Established linkages with major airlines for cooperative learning
  • Existing options for students to enter post-grad studies masters and doctorate

And since college is essentially a means to find work in the aviation industry, choose a school that helps its students find work. An aviation school with a good reputation for assisting graduates in finding work opportunities will have a good, long-standing relationship with commercial or federal companies, airports, aircraft manufacturers and distributors.

Is your dream job something that involves travel and a circle of friends composed of people who speak at least three languages? If yes, go for a career in aviation. Get good grades in high school and consider an aviation management degree. You just might end up with the career you’ve always wanted for yourself.

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