The Best Flight Schools In The United States

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Flight schools teach flight instruction and knowledge of aircraft instrumentation. There are over 1400 flight school in the United States. Flight schools also helps students gain the knowledge needed to pass the FAA airman knowledge test. The best flight schools in the United States provide students with a good education that make them assets in the aviation field.

Selecting A Flight School

The school selected should take into account the needs of the student. In choosing a good flight school, the student should evaluate their aviation goals. A student who wants to learn to fly as a hobby might not select the same school as someone who wants to achieve occupational goals. The quality of the flight instructor should be consideration for selecting a school. The instructor needs to be FAA certified. Taking courses from an instructor that is not certified could lead to problems later.

The Best Flight Schools Are FAA Certified

Students looking who are interested in attending a flight school should attend one that is FAA certified. There are part 61 school and part 141 schools. It should be noted, that both schools teach the same requirements. The distinction between the two parts deals primarily with the FAA regulations under which the schools have pilot training authority.

Part 61 schools require at least 40 hours of flight time. These schools offer more flexibility because students are not obliged to follow a set lesson plan. There are some disadvantages to Part 61 flight schools. Part 61 schools require more flight training hours and the training is not as structured.

Part 141 schools have a lot of FAA oversight. The curriculum of these schools is rigid and must have approval from the FAA. There are minimum test passage rates and the FAA periodically audits each of these schools. Students have to undergo checkrides and the minimum number of flight hours is reduced to 35.

Top Flight Schools In The United States

The list of the best flight schools in the United States is debatable. However, these schools are always included on the list.

Pan Am International Flight Academy
The Pan Am International Flight Academy has several sites across the United States, Europe and Asia. The instructors are experienced FAA-certified pilots. The academy provides a pilot career training program that includes ground and flight instruction. At the end of the course, students are more than prepared to do well on their tests.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is considered on the best flight schools for the past ten years. Founded in the 1970’s, this school now has over 170 locations across the world. The course offerings at this university include degree and non-degree programs. Students can take courses in technical management, logistics and supply chain management. Simulated flight training using advanced training is also a part of the curriculum.

SimCom Training Centers
This school has locations in several states and the United Kingdom. SimCom employs training techniques used by commercial airlines, NASA and the military. The appeal of the school stems from the small class sizes and hands-on training. The training programs at this school are specific to aircraft type. The school also offers refresher classes in multi-engine planes and instruments.

What are considered the best flight schools in the United States really depends on the needs of the students. There are flight schools that are geared toward hobbyist and ones for people interested in an aviation career. Regardless of the personal motives of the student, the flight school should be FAA certified. FAA certified schools help to ensure students that are receiving the best flight education possible.

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