Aviation Mechanic Schools Train Professionals To Keep Planes In Good Condition

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Aviation mechanics repair airplanes, jets and helicopters. People interested in this exciting profession need to go to an aircraft mechanic schools. Becoming a certified aircraft mechanic requires two years of training at an aircraft mechanic school. Aviation mechanic schools give students the professional skills they need to perform inspections and repair the brakes, electrical systems and propellers of various aircraft.

Curriculum of Aviation Mechanic Schools

The curriculum for aviation mechanic courses covers many topics. Students can expect to take classes in airframe inspections, aircraft fuel systems, aviation technology and aircraft instruments. Students are also required to take courses in math and science. Most students attend schools that are FAA approved. Students who complete training from these approved schools increase their chances of employment because these schools are thought to offer a thorough education program.

Students can take courses in general aircraft repair. Others students may choose to concentrate on specific areas. A person who takes courses in airframe mechanics learn to repair all part of the aircraft with the exception of power plants, instruments and propellers. A concentration in powerplant mechanics focuses on the engine and propeller systems of aircraft.

FAA Certification

In order to get a certificate in airframe or power plant, the FAA requires the applicant to have at least 18 months of work experience. Enrolling in a FAA certified mechanic school can act as a substitute for the required work experience. For students are seeking a combined certificate, mechanics must have a minimum of 30 months of job experience. Completing a course at an FAA certified school also reduces the amount of experience time required. Students must pass a written and oral exam to demonstrate their ability to perform the job. Certified schools more than prepare students for this exam.

Aviation Mechanic Schools

There 170 aviation mechanic schools in the United States. Redstone Aviation Institute and Hallmark College School of Aeronautics are two schools that prepare students for the aviation mechanics field. Redstone Aviation Institute provides hands-on training and has an accelerated program that students can complete in 17months. There are three degree programs offered at this institution that includes a diploma in Advance Electronic Technology. Hallmark College School of Aeronautics is regulated and approved by the FAA. Students who enroll can receive a certificate in Powerplant Mechanics or an Aviation Technician diploma. The degree program takes 60 weeks to complete and provides classroom and lab teaching.

Job Outlook

The majority of people with certificates or degrees in aviation mechanics find jobs in air transportation. Other employment opportunities include working for aerospace product manufacturing and government employment. A small percentage of certificate recipients find jobs working for private companies that have their own air fleet. The average salary for an aviation mechanic is $53,000 a year and job growth is expected to increase through 2014.

Aviation mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of planes, jets and helicopters. This exciting field requires skill and training that is obtained through attending aviation mechanic schools. Attending a FAA accredited school guarantees students a comprehensive education that will make them valuable to employers.

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