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People with an aptitude for mechanics and an interest in an entering into an exciting career should consider aviation maintenance. Aviation maintenance professionals keep aircraft in top operating condition. They solve problems and make repairs to jets, airplanes and helicopters. Anyone involved in maintaining airplanes is required to have a Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) certificate. Enrolling in one of the many aviation maintenance schools will prepare students to receive their certifications.

Aviation Certification Requirements

Many of the aviation maintenance schools are certified by the FAA. There are differences between the various colleges and vocational schools but the FAA stipulate core curriculum is the same. To get an FAA certification, students must have 18 months of hands- on- training. Completing a two or a four year institution counts towards the hands-on-training requirement.

Aviation Maintenance School Degrees

Students interested in obtaining a degree in aviation maintenance can select to a program that offers an associate degree or a bachelor degree. An Associate Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology program teaches general aircraft maintenance and aviation management. Enrollment in this program prepares students to repair, inspect and perform maintenance duties on helicopters and airplanes. The curriculum offers courses in aeronautic electronics.

An Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology program often focuses on general aircraft maintenance or aviation management. Students are taught to examine, fix and perform maintenance on helicopters and airplanes, as well as figure out problems with aircraft electronics. After receiving their degree in aviation maintenance, graduates are able to take the FAA aircraft mechanic’s licensing exam. Students can expect to take classes in air transportation regulations, airplane servicing methods and interpreting aircraft blueprints.

Aviation maintenance students can also opt to receive a bachelor’s degree. Aviation bachelor degree programs teach students about aviation maintenance and inspection. This program also teaches communication and written skills. Student will also leave this program with stronger analytical abilities and the ability to manage a crew. Coursework includes classes in physics, technical manual comprehension and computers.

Regardless of the degree program selected, students will leave their programs with a strong knowledge of the technology and skills involved in aviation maintenance. This preparedness helps students become major assets to their employers. Most importantly, the students have the required skills to pass their FAA certification exam.

Career Options For Graduates of Aviation Maintenance Schools

Completing an aviation maintenance program prepares graduates for careers in aircraft manufacturing, working for airlines and aerospace contractors. Some graduates go on to become helicopter maintenance technicians and mechanics for private airplanes. The average income for an aviation maintenance technician is $63,000 a year. Job growth in this field is expected to increase by 7% between 2008 and 2018.

Aviation maintenance professionals are a critical element in aeronautics. These people are responsible for keeping all aspects of the aircraft in operational and safe condition. To become a professional in this field an FAA certificate is required. Attending aviation maintenance schools more than prepares students to pass their certification exams. With the certificate and training, aviation maintenance technicians can embark and an exciting and rewarding career.

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