Experience The Excitement Of Controlling The Skies With A Degree From An Air Traffic Controller School

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Air traffic controllers use equipment to direct aircrafts so that they fly safely and keep to their arrival and departure schedules. Anyone interesting in being a part of this exciting and important professional will need to attend a Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) air traffic controller school.

Choosing An Air Traffic Controller School

Deciding to attend a postsecondary aviation program is one of the ways to become employed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). There are many colleges, universities, and vocational schools that offer these programs. There are even online air traffic controller programs.

Currently, there are only 31 schools that are CTI certified. It is important that people seeking to get an education attend one of these schools. The majority of physical campus colleges and universities are certified. Anyone interested in taking courses at an online college need to make sure the program is certified. Students that do not attend a certified school will not have their education recognized by the FAA.

Perspective students should also decide whether they want to major in air traffic control or go to a school that offers it as a concentration. Students that select a concentration in this area tend to combine their concentration with a major like aviation computer science. Selecting a school with the state of the art equipment that is used in the industry provides realistic hands on training.

Degree Options

There are two degree options for air traffic control programs. The associate degree program takes two year to complete. Students receive either an Associate in Science or an Associate of Applied Science in Air Traffic Control. The curriculum for these degrees includes general science courses along with introduction to aviation, airport management and air traffic control systems. Students can also receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management or Air Traffic. These programs helps students gain a strong technical groundwork and knowledge needed for their career. The typical bachelor degree program will include classes like tower operations, aviation law and physics.

Upon completing their degree, students must take a test administered by the FAA. The Air Traffic Selection and Training Test (ATSAT) is an eight hour exam that is designed to weed out the people who do not have the aptitude to become air traffic controllers. Test takers need to score at least a 70 to pass.

Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative Program

The Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative Program began in 1990. The purpose was to provide the FAA with a pool of qualified employment candidates. For students who enroll in this program to be eligible for hire, they must be under the age of 31, a United States citizen and graduate from an FAA approved AT-CTI program. If the person has a degree from a FAA certified school, they able to bypass the five week basic skills course that is required of air traffic controllers

Job Outlook For Graduates of A Traffic Controller School

The job outlook for students with a degree in air traffic control is good with projected employment numbers of 29,600 by 2018. The average pay rate for air traffic controllers employed by the FAA is $109,000. The majority of people with this education background work for the FAA.

Air traffic controllers monitor flights and direct air traffic. These are the people who make sure that the flights arrive and depart as scheduled and keep the airport running seamlessly. It is important that students select a certified air traffic controller school to ensure they receive the best possible education and employment opportunity.

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